BBQ Special blend made exclusively from Brazil’s Bourbon, Colombia’s Typica & Costa Rica’s Caturra & Catuai to serve together with our dishes. Just like hand drip coffee, stream of hot water added onto BBQ special blend to make the best Americano.
Blend of espresso, steamed milk and foam to provide a smooth yet bold coffee flavor. Soft steamed milk and foam covers the espresso shot which changes after each sip for take.
BBQ’s special blend espresso with steamed milk for a smooth and creamy latte, especially enjoyable in the morning. With the perfect ratio of milk to coffee brings the best latte.
Chocolate & coffee blends together to give a chocolate scent like the Yemen coffee. Espresso with steamed milk w chocolate syrup over whipped cream.
Sweet caramel syrup melted with shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk to produce soft foam on top while leaving the vanilla after taste. Then little bit of more caramel on top of the foam for presentation and extra flavor.
Blend of “Matcha” green tea powder and steamed milk which eases the bitter taste of matcha once mixed with steamed creamy milk.
Orange drink packed with Vitamin C, A and fibers
Sour & strong flavor but contains lots of vitamin C, folic acid and good for diet.
Lots of citric acid and vitamin C to help recover stamina and promotes healthy skin.
To promote younger and healthier self, anthocyanin packed blueberry drink will serve you the best.
This sweet tasting aid pitcher will get rid of all the thirst!
This caffeine free tea will help you sleep and release stress as it will also promote healthier stomach.
The sweet mixture of peach flavor and ginger tea is filled with premium nutrition for you.
This tea will brighten your day by clearing your mind for fresh morning.
Gentle citrus scent with cinnamon’s spice for warm morning.
This all natural flavor juice contains all natural, zero harmful ingredient for your drink.
Perfect blend of peach iced tea with lemon flavor to enjoy as cold drink
Cola, Sprite, Orange Fanta & Pineapple Fanta