With crispy texture, sweet layer of melted butter is the perfect honey toast for you!
Oven toasted garlic bread that’s crunchy outside & soft inside with garlic butter drizzled on top.
Chocolate brownie with haagen dazs vanilla icecream to make a premium desert! Try it with our Americano!
Our waffle served with fresh whipped cream!
Our waffle served with fresh whipped cream!
Can’t get enough of our waffles? To add extra flavor, our waffles are also served with premium haagan dazs icecream.
Choco Chip Cookie
Contains soft and sweet white chocolate that is soft and tasty at the same time.
Very nutritious cookie that can replace your morning! Popular as breakfast for people too busy to make breakfast.
Premium ice cream served in 3 different types.
- Milk flavored shaved ice served with premium red beans.
- Strawberry shaved ice served with sliced strawberries.
- Brownie Shaved ice served with chocolate brownie and haagan dazs ice cream with a shot of espresso for bold flavor.