Habanero peppers are super spicy that it’s about 30 times stronger than Korea’s “Chung-Yang Peppers”. In BBQ, we incorporated the spice from habaneros so that everyone can enjoy the spicy flavored chicken feet.
Sea snail is an excellent side dish for beer. Once the spicy sea snails are fused with red pepper paste joins chicken thighs, it becomes even better dish for quick drinks. Be careful since this dish will make you drink lots of beers!
Thinly shredded dry squid pieces fried with BBQ’s crunchy batter mix for rich taste. Try it with garlic dipping sauce to enjoy even more with a beer.
Sliced onions provide an excellent nutrition for skin care and prevents hyperlipidemia. When fried with 100% olive oil, it preserves crunchy texture outside and even better taste when dipped with sweet chili sauce.