Potato meets deliciously salted bacon! 4 different types of cheese are added onto BBQ’s special dough with sweet crème flavoring the potato and bacon. This is a must for cheese lovers because this dish presents full of chewy cheesy flavors that you can eat with forks!
Fresh shrimps melted with Gorgonzola Cheese! On top of BBQ’s special dough, sweet crème is topped with gorgonzola cheese with 4 other cheeses before shrimps are added. Once baked, the cheese melt provides flavorful which is also another must-eat for cheese lovers.
On top of BBQ’s crunchy dough, sweet crème and lots of gorgonzola cheese are added to accommodate the shrimp before baking. Gorgonzola cheese is known for its honey flavor which blends really well with sweets like honey.
Known for its fiber and different vitamins, sweet potatoes are smoothly squashed along with camembert cheese which brings chewy flavors when it’s served with pizza.
Everyone loves pizza. Our combination pizza has fresh vegetables with delicious meats that everyone craves. Pizza was first introduced back in 1972 and it still remains as one of Korea’s favorite dish.