Green onion is one of the main ingredient used in Korea and it contains lots of calcium, vitamins A, C and mineral salts which helps fight fatigue and promotes influenza immunity. This nutritious crispy chicken breast topped with fresh green onion provides delicious flavor when served with our special mixed soy sauce for regular serving and/ or for relishes.
Made with BBQ’s special crispy powder, our boneless chicken breasts are topped with sliced onions which contain Vitamins A, B & C to promote metabolism as well as help fight fatigue. Because the spice-flavor from the sliced onion mashes when it’s served with our sweet “dream” chili sauce, it brings out best of both flavors for customers that is popular to female customers.
Our crispy boneless chicken pieces served with rice cakes, which is a Korean traditional snack, fried with olive oil to preserve crunchy texture outside while maintaining the chewiness inside. It is then drizzled with sweet honey-flavored chicken sauce that is popular for kids and family meals.
This is a hot menu for female customers as this super soft tender breast is packed with high-protein with low-calories & fat. Tender breasts with garlic & peppers served with “volcano” sauce will erupt in your mouth that will get you hooked!