Why Franchise with bb.q Premium Chicken?
Benefits of Being a bb.q Premium Chicken Franchise
Under a Development and/or Franchise Agreement you have the following:
- Use of the name & logo
- Use of operating methods/systems
- Recipes
- POS/Cash register system
- Cash Control
- Inventory Control
- Training system/manuals
- Operations manual
- Research & Development
- An opportunity to own multiple restaurants
- Fellow franchisees... network of advisors
- On-going field and headquarters support
- Protected territory
- Site selection design, construction & support
- In exchange you pay development fee, franchise fee, continuing royalty fee and advertising contributions fee.

- We use the highest quality olive oil.
- We utilize over 30 researchers with masters and doctorate degrees in our R&D development department to continuously
create new and exciting menu items.
- Strict distribution system with the freshest quality ingredients with a three part QCS system. (Quality, Cleanliness, and Service)
- Offering a state of the art 60 acre training facility which includes R&D and 19 training courses.

2015 FRANCHISING with bb.q Premium Chicken

Operating a successful franchise requires talent, dedication, and a sincere commitment to the bb.q Premium Chicken brand name.
Our goal as a company is and always has been to partner with the best people in each market - people with a proven track record in business.
Because franchisees are so important to our success, we are looking to expand our relationship with qualified individuals who
possess the right mix of expertise and enthusiasm. We are looking for candidates who possess each of the following characteristics :

- Solid business experience
- Previous franchise experience advantageous
- Net worth of $500,000 and $250,000 liquid assets
- Commitment to grow with bb.q Premium Chicken

Three Different bb.q Premium Chicken Concepts

bb.q Premium Café
- 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft and over/Full service Dine-In Store with alcohol

bb.q Chicken & Beer
- 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft / Traditional Dine-In Store with alcohol

b.q Express
- 800 ~ 1,000 sq ft / Take Out & Delivery

Typical Locations

bb.q Premium Chicken ideal location would be a corner lot with easy access from both sides of the street. The two most common venues are stand alone and part of a strip mall. We would also develop colleges/universities, airports and shopping plazas.

Franchise Process
· Inquiry - Initial inquiry and conversation with franchise director - 2 weeks
· Application - Submit application package - 2 weeks
· FDD review - Will send FDD (Franchise Disclosure Documents) - 2 weeks
· Meeting - Meeting with our CEO - 1 week
· Discovery Day - Corporate visit and sign franchise agreement* - 1 week
· Location - Search suitable location with our guidance - 2 to 4 weeks
· Build - Work with our design and construction teams to build store - 5 to 6 months
· Education - Attend training program at the Chicken University ** - 2 to 4 weeks

* Upon signing the franchise agreement, the $35,000 initial franchise fee will be due to BBDOTQ USA INC.
** The 2-4 week training program will be held at the Chicken University located in South Korea.

Estimated Investment
Classification Estimate Ranges
Franchise Fee $35,000
Build Out Costs $192,000 ~ $315,000
- Lease Hold Improvement $80,000 ~ $180,000
- Equipment, Furniture, Fixture and Interior Materials $85,000 ~ $105,000
- Signage $12,000 ~ $15,000
- POS (Computer Equipment) $15,000
Other Costs $67,500 ~ $101,000
- Security Deposit for Rent $15,000 ~ $30,000
- Travel and Living Expenses While Training $1,500 ~ $3,000
- Opening Inventory $8,000
- Miscellaneous Opening Costs $7,000 ~ $10,000
- Grand Opening Advertising $6,000 ~ $10,000
- Initial Operating Funds for 3 Months $30,000 ~ $40,000
Total $289,500 ~ $446,000

  • Q. Can I convert my existing restaurant or purchase an existing building?
    A. Yes, as long as the design and concept is approved by our internal site selection team.
  • Q. Do you provide financing options?
    A. bb.q Premium Chicken does not provide financing options for perspective franchisees.
    However, we work with several companies who can assist with your financing needs.
  • Q. What is the average profit from a bb.q Premium Chicken franchise?
    A. All companies that sell franchises are governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),
    therefore bb.q Premium Chicken cannot make any predictions concerning the earning capability of any franchise store.
    However, once you decide to accept acknowledgement of the FDD and begin the franchise application process
    you are encouraged to review item 19 of the FDD.
  • Q. How long does it take to build out the restaurant?
    A. Upon signing your development and option agreement, your site must be approved by our internal site
    review process and generally can be opened within 6 to 9 months.
  • Q. What are the basic financial requirements for franchising with bb.q Premium Chicken?
    A. Among other things, bb.q Premium Chicken requires that you have a minimum net worth of $500,00 of
    which $250,000 must be liquid (for each restaurant you intend to develop or purchase)
  • Q. How do I determine my "Net Worth"?
    A. In its simplest terms, it is your Total Assets (what you own) minus your Total Liabilities (what you owe).
  • Q. What are "Liquid Assets"?
    A. The most common forms are cash, stocks, bonds and inventory.
  • Q. In what types of venues will bb.q Premium Chicken build?
    A. Our two most common venues are 'free-standing' (alone on its own real estate) and 'in-line', as part of a shopping center or
    row of businesses. We also develop in other venues such as airports, shopping malls, college/university campuses and many others.
  • Q. Who determines whether or not I can build a restaurant on a particular piece of real estate?
    A. Once you have identified and submitted a potential site to bb.q Premium Chicken, we conduct an analysis and, when necessary,
    we visit your location to determine whether or not the location fits the established criteria for development. We must accept each site in writing before you can build a bb.q Premium Chicken restaurant.
  • Q. What other sales & earnings numbers can you share with a potential franchisee?
    A. Except for the information set forth in Item 19 of the FDD, bb.q Premium Chicken does not furnish or
    authorize our sales people to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual, average, projected or forecasted sales,
    costs, income or profits (the "earning capability") of a restaurant.